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Saturday, November 26, 2005


I hadn't planned to go to this exhibition because I suffer from "exhibition fatigue". But in the end, I made the hour-long trip to Singapore Expo at Changi (aaaaaaaall the way at the other end of our little red dot of an island) for the annual SITEX exhibition.

And I finally met Sassyjan in person. She is, erm, shorter than I expected. :P

Since I was there, I decided to visit the Microsoft booth to see if they had the recently released XBox 360 on display. As it turns out, Microsoft wasn't even there! But then, the exhibition this year seems less crowded too. For the first time, I even saw this big snack area in the centre of a hall, surrounded by lots of empty space. Whoa.

I stayed for about half an hour, then popped next door to check out Big Boyz Toyz. I peeped in and saw booths for electronics, gadgets and cars. Too bad, no babes in bikinis, or maybe they were in the adults-only "dungeon" area. But it cost $10 to enter, and I had already paid $15 for Sexpo last week, so I gave this a pass. I don't think I missed much.


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sassyjan said...

wah lau! say i short!!! I ish 1.62 liao lor.... although not beri the tall, but i wear heels den tall liao okaaaayyyyyy!

*thanx for 'it' anyway!!!! :D*

paddychicken said...

Wow she doesn't even know you and she Sassyjanned you! You rock :)

Yuhui said...

Paddychicken: Ya, well, it seems that she un-sassyjanned me, so...

(Sassyjan: hint!)

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