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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dead squirrel

There used to be a squirrel that would spend the day within the bushes along the road to my house. In the early morning, it would run down from the nearby forest, across the two-lane road, and into the bushes to feast on the fruits there. In the late afternoon, it would scamper back to its home in the forest. It was the only wild animal in my area and I enjoyed seeing it dart about.

Given a chance, it could have lived a long life.

Given a chance.

This evening, while walking home, I saw a flat, brown, furry mass on the road. Without a doubt, it was the squirrel, run over by a vehicle. While the rest of its body was intact, the area where its head should have been was instead a mass of red flesh and blood. I couldn't find anything that resembled the head anywhere.

Goodbye, dear squirrel. You were a carefree, wild animal, just living day to day. Only to have your life cut short by a mechanical beast of human invention.

Are you morbid?


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paddychicken said...

Thanks for the graphicc details. How do you know there was only one squirrel?

MQube said...

Whether one or two or's still dead ....and probably left behind loved ones....perhaps tiny squirrel babies??

it's unavoidable i suppose, vs the other alternative of jamming brakes and causing a 5-car pileup

but, sad :(

Yuhui said...

paddychicken: I assume that there was only that one guy. Then again, it could have a whole brood safe in the forest.

mqube: The driver wouldn't have likely caused a pile-up of any kind. Very few vehicles on the road to my house. At the most, he'll suffer from whiplash.

random notes said...

There are coarse, vulgar attitudes towards animals in some of the highest levels of society. Consider how Calfs and Cows are treated. (There's plenty of info on the net about that).
Anyone compassionatly considering the horrible death of a squirrel has my vote on that score.
Some of the kids in this area think local creatures should be assaulted. Be it Bee, Squirrel, Bird et-cetera.

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