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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Touching the nano

iPod nano
I had the chance to hold an iPod nano today and it is The Sweetness™.

It's so small and thin and sleek. The scrollwheel is responsive. And the screen, oh, the screen! Crisp, clear, colourful!

It's so small, it feels like a chocolate wafer that I could put in my mouth. It's so sturdy that I could drop it and the band will still play on. (Actually, a reviewer has already conducted an iPod nano stress test.)

Pictures don't do it justice. It's sweet! Unfortunately, it's also outside of my budget. Looking out for the next offer...


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Gingerbreadman said...

Same here. I would have gotten it in a flash if it's within my budget.

Unknown said...

Ah... the struggle between wants and needs again :)

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