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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Say hello to ROKR

Motorola ROKR E1
For some reason, I have a hankering to buy the new Motorola ROKR E1, even though I know that it is the worst mistake that I could make. Yes, it is the first handphone with Apple's iTunes software, so I can play my songs on it (though I already have Pod!). Yes, it has Bluetooth so I can sync my contacts wirelessly and SMS from Onomatopeia. Yes, it can record video, so I can catch more spur-of-the-moment events.

While most reviews have decried its un-iPod-like interface, I actually don't care about that seeming omission. As Apple labels it, this is an iTunes phone. In other words, one should expect to play songs from one's iTunes library in an easy-to-use manner, which does not necessarily mean with a iPod-like scrollwheel. Besides, where would one fit a scrollwheel on a handphone? (Though I wouldn't be surprised if Apple's engineers are working on that answer right now.)

But here are a few reasons not to get it:
  • it is the first version of an iTunes phone, and in the realm of computers and electronics, one should rarely buy the first version of anything
  • it can only contain 100 songs on each memory card
  • it has a candy-bar form factor, which I don't like, preferring something where the microphone is nearer to my mouth, like a clamshell or slide form factor
  • SEZ works just fine
  • I lack Vitamin M a.k.a. money
Therefore, I shall just admire the ROKR from afar while waiting slowly and agonizingly for my current subscription to run out (two-thirds of a year more!).


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paddychicken said...

Why don't you just sms via internet sms or icq and save the money?

Yuhui said...

Via Internet -- it's free only if you send to a subscriber on the same telco, right?

Via ICQ -- from what I understand, the recipient gets charged... at US rates!

Jonathan said...

there's probably more phones that are already better than rokr in the market...

check them out before you decide 8)

Yuhui said...

Jonathan: ya, but none of them have iTunes!

aspiringwife said...

i like sony ecrisson newest phone. K750i. consider it. camera's gd. can store many songs too. chic looking too

Yuhui said...

aspiringwife: ya, but it's a candy-bar form factor.

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