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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

M.C. day

I'm at home now. My body is slightly warm, there's a dull pain in my lower abdomen and back, and I've been totally concussed since last night.

It all started at dinner. I was eating as usual when I suddenly lost my appetite. Just couldn't put another spoonful of food into my mouth. And I had only eaten half of my normal amount. I also felt tired, so thinking that it was the late nights catching up with me, I went to nap for an hour. Then I got up, bathed, and went back to bed.

And then I had this familiar feeling in my stomach. You know, the type where there's only one solution: run to the toilet and face the bowl. Puked out twice. Flushed the toilet, washed my mouth, and went to sleep. About an hour later, it was back to the toilet. Puked twice again, this time spewing more stuff. Flushed, washed up, went back to bed.

Then throughout the night, I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep. My usual position is to lie on my front, but given my stomachache, it was too uncomfortable. Lying on either side didn't help again. I piled two pillows and it felt better, but that didn't last long. Lay the pillows at an angle, e.g. like a hospital bed that thas been raised slightly. Still no good. I basically tossed and turned for hours.

Finally, I got up, thinking that a sitting position would help to relieve the pain. Instead, that familiar queasiness returned and I puked for the third time. My abdomen now was aching, less from whatever was causing the vomitting, but more from the muscles exerting themselves to puke.

Went back to bed to sleep. It was another round of trying to find the best position. Then my alarm rang: 6:30am. I got up as I normally would on a workday, washed up, changed, shaved, then went to eat breakfast. I took one bite of the sandwich and couldn't eat anything else again. My abdomen was aching, my skin felt hot, my whole body felt lethargic. At first, I thought that I could go to work, and if I didn't feel better, I'd take the rest of the day off and see a doctor. Now, I knew that I wouldn't even be able to step out of the door.

I gave up on that one-bite sandwich and went to my room. Messaged my colleagues to say that I wouldn't be at work. Then went to bed. Woke up again at 11am, when my mum brought me to see the doctor. He took my temperature, listened to my abdomen through his stethoscope, asked me a few questions, then said that it was probably a virus. He prescribed some medicine for vomitting, cramps and fever/pain.

Came home, slept till 1:30pm, then had porridge for lunch. And it's back to work tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

erm not to scare you or anything but I had those symptoms and it was dengue.. u better be careful eh


KwokSiong said...

take gd care of yourself man.

Tym said...

I hope you don't have what Terz has, 'cause he's v sick too! But no puking --- just fever and a horrid, hacking cough.

Take care and get well soon! If still sick tomorrow, get another day's MC!

lakeside girl said...

Oh gosh, i was sick (contracted a virus too!) sometime last week too and yes, it's hellish! I hope you recover soon...

Jiayou! <3

NARDAC said...

Get well soon. Lucky for you mom's in the house, making porridge. When I get sick, I'm still tottering about the kitchen by myself.

lakeside girl said...

You actually still tagged your entry with 'sick' and 'vomit'. Hahaha. Indeed you are a true blogger. ;p

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