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Friday, September 16, 2005

Fashion show

I attended my very first fashion show today. It was nothing spectacular: no paparazzi, no famous models, no elite invitees. It was just... unremarkable.

A friend received an invitation to the show and she asked me if I wanted to go along. Since I had never been to such a show before, I thought, sure, why not? The Exactitude - GAS Fashion Show 2005 was organised by this urban fashion label, GAS, which I'd never heard of before until now, and featured designs by Raffles Design Institute, a fashion school which I had also never heard of before but which my friend planned to attend.

It was held at DXO, the same nightclub that Bloggers.SG was held. For a $15 ticket, we were entitled to one free drink, a goodie bag containing a GAS magazine and T-shirt, and a small pouch containing shampoo and orange hair dye. We went in at 8:15pm, 15 minutes before the event was scheduled to start. Inside the darkened club, I found myself amidst a sea of young people in trendy clothings. But that's how it is with these artistic people: they dress differently to express their own uniqueness. And where the dancefloor was stood a wooden T-shape catwalk.

My friend and I found an empty sofa and sat down to talk. 8:30pm came and went and there was still no sign of the fashion show. I was beginning to think that we were duped. Then at 9pm, the female host came forward to announce the show. To grunge music, models walked out, showing off the new line of clothing. There were about 20 models, half male, half female. Of the females, only one looked particularly attractive.

One thing I was reminded as I watched the show is that models rarely smile. Apparently, if they smile, then the onlookers' attentions are distracted from the clothes, which they should be focussing on. For me, I found the lack of smiles very cold and distant. Anyway, I didn't think the clothes were much to look at either. I'm just not into urban fashion, i.e. jackets, grunge outfits, etc.

The show went on for about half an hour, ending with the male models strutting out barechested and the female models in denim miniskirts and white tanktops. There were the usual thank-yous and souvenir presentations and photo-taking. And finally, MTV Asia VJ Utt took the stage to basically say that he was happy to be there and invited everyone to party on.

My friend and I then left the disco in search of dinner. We ended up just next door at this open air eating area, Makansutra Gluttons Bay. The average price for a meal is $4. I had two slices of roti prata and a bowl of curry chicken for that price. The roti prata was good, but the curry chicken seemed too mild and not as curry-tasty-like. While eating, I noticed that the fashion show host, who had also implored the attendees to party at DXO, was outside on her mobile phone, as if looking for someone to zip off somewhere else. Haha, party on!

So that's my first fashion show. Not that spectacular, none of the glitz that's seen on TV or movies. But then, what can you get for $15, right?


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