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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wireless! Broadband!

I'm writing this from my family's new wireless set-up. Due to certain problems, like a suspected burned-out modem, dial-up was no longer a feasible option for us at home, so I thought that this was the right time to move up to broadband. Yes, it's more expensive, but on the upside, we can connect to the Internet at any time, enjoy faster speeds, and break away from the telecom heavyweight.

Yes, we signed up for StarHub's cable modem package. And it was good timing too. Initially, I was worried about having to run wires all around the house. A wireless option didn't seem attractive because of the costs involved in buying the equipment.

Then, while checking StarHub's website for promotional offers, I saw that they had a wireless promotion going on: in addition to the subscription, we get a free router and free USB adapter or PC Card. Woo-hoo!

So now I can surf from my room with full broadband speed while bathing myself in supposedly-not-dangerous radiation. I can't surf from the toilet, though, because Tiraneus doesn't have an AirPort card, and I can't find an older generation one. I had one, but sold it before returning to Singapore because I thought that I wouldn't need it. D'oh!

Yes, I've secured the wireless network, so none of my neighbours should be snooping on it. That goes for you who wardrive too! Begone, thou thieves!


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