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Friday, August 05, 2005

What would you do with a piece of land?

The folks at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports and the National Youth Council want ideas on how to develop the new Youth Park, tentatively called *scape. Apparently, there's a lack of ideas in spite of the 20 iPod shuffles just waiting to be won.

I want an iPod shuffle! So I submitted the following:
Leave the space as open land and let youths and groups use it as they see fit. Don't overdevelop the area; there's enough concrete in the rest of Orchard Road. At the most, pave a section, but leave most of it as open grassland.

My idea is not to compartmentalise the space, but let it evolve organically based on the whims and fancies of the real users -- the youths. For once, let's leave the nanny out of the picture and see what happens.
Will I win? Depends on whether the powers-that-be like my somewhat radical idea. According to news reports, most ideas are to build some structure or other. Geez, why add another slab of concrete? It's a big empty space! Just leave it alone. Isn't Singapore overbuilt as it is already? Besides, young people want their space, literally and figuratively speaking. So give them some physical space and let them go havoc!

Got a better idea? If you're between 15 and 29, then leave your feedback.


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nicthegeek said...

Just a thought on what you said "Isn't Singapore overbuilt as it is already?" : My observation over the years is that TPTB in Singapore tend to believe that overkill is the way to go. Sorry if I sound a little cynical.

But I really do think you have a good idea there. Here's hoping you get your Shuffle :)

paddychicken said...

Hey, I think you should let me know before you tomorrow a piece critical of Tomorrow!

Maybe next time I will do a more thoughtful and constructive piece, but for now I'm glad they took it off before the whole world comes to flame me.

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