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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What do these numbers mean to you?

Sotong Queen posed something interesting: take a bunch of seemingly random numbers and ask people what they think the numbers mean. To a psychologist, I'm sure that this would be like looking into the person's mind.

Anyway, I'm taking her post and running with it (and to give her her first trackback (methinks) too!).
  1. 2.63 million -- about half of Singapore's population
  2. 2359 -- 11:59pm
  3. 007 -- Bond, James Bond
  4. 006 -- the British secret agent before Bond (the same guy who was the traitor in "GoldenEye"?)
  5. 018 -- StarHub's budget (I think) IDD number
  6. 3 million (cows) -- number of cows in Australia and New Zealand
  7. 6pm -- Go home from work! Also "The Simpsons" on StarWorld
  8. 1130 -- 11:30am
  9. 21 -- legal age
  10. 3 years -- toddler
  11. 40 -- middle age
What does this say about me? As an armchair psychologist, I'd say that I'm a person who follows pop culture quite closely and sees things in the straight-and-narrow.


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