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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Snubbed by Digital Times


Digital Times, the IT supplement published every Tuesday by the Straits Times, has a regular column featuring local blogs. This week, it focussed on the Tristefemme saga.

Aside: I'm not sure if "saga" is the right word, though it was certainly eventful for a while.

Melissa Lwee, who I assume is a freelance writer, took snippets from three blogs: Tristefemme, Idle Days and Singapore Critic. The first was to establish what the saga was about, the second and third were about individual reactions to Tristefemme's readers' reactions, i.e. they weren't about Tristefemme directly, but targetted at those who had read her blog.

Notice the conspicuous absence of my blog in that list??? Hello! Idle Days and Singapore Critic (both of whom are written by people I know) had linked to my Tristefemme entry (which in Web parlance means that my blog was cited as an authoritative article) as a basis for their entries! And other blogs referred to me as well! And both parties involved in the Tristefemme saga directly (i.e. the parents of the unborn baby) had posted long replies in my entry!

I had been snubbed!

I can think of only one reason for the snub: I had changed my post after it had generated all of the hoo-ha. In effect, my entry was no longer seen as authoritative, and therefore not worthy of the ink used to print Digital Times.

Though I had started the snowball, I did not cause the avalanche, so the geologist wasn't interested in me. (Gosh, I love analogies!)

Yeah, that's my main guess. Melissa Lwee snubbed me because I had censored myself. And she writes for a paper that is known to practice self-censorship.

A censor snubs another censor because the latter had censored himself? Only in Singapore.

Melissa Lwee ( -- I hereby cast my Evil Eye™ on thee! But I'm a reasonable man. If you're single and available and heterosexual (can't be too sure these days), take me out on a date and I'll call it even. Yes, I'm that shallow.


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Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...


Eh, new way of securing a date ah. Nice one dude.

lakeside girl said...

Awww. Don't worry, your readers know that you were the rightful snowball builder. ;)

Yee-Wei Chai said...

yah dun worry bro ... u're the boss

Anonymous said...

i dislike her too..melissa lwee hui li..she steals pple's blog entries without permission!how rude.. tt blog stealer!*growl*

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