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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Say hello to Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

So Apple has finally released its more-than-one-button mouse, the Mighty Mouse. (Hey, isn't that the name of a cartoon character?) This new optical (i.e. no dirt-collecting ball at the bottom) mouse has not one, not two, but four buttons. Left button, right button, scroll button, and squeeze-at-the-sides button.

And all for S$88. I could probably get it, but will see first.

Interesting tidbit from Apple:
Mighty Mouse even sounds as good as it feels. The audio feedback built into Mighty Mouse provides an aural sensation that responds to your movements. When you scroll or click, Mighty Mouse produces subtle sound effects based on your actions.
Audio feedback? From a mouse? According to one personal review that I've read, the sound isn't as loud as that which is produced by moving parts. Which means that it's loud enough so that you know a scrolling action is being performed, but not loud enough that it's irritating. I'll have to try this for myself to understand it better.


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