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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Presidential election

Presidential Crest
So August 27 is Election Day for the President. Now to see if I will finally have the chance to vote. Since turning 21, I have never had the opportunity to exercise my Constitutionally-granted right to vote.

Which is not to say that I live in a dictatorship. Rather, for the past two elections in which I was legally entitled to vote, the first was a non-contested Presidential Election, and the other was non-contested in my constitutency and I wasn't in the country.

Yes, I am excited to vote. It's one of the few times when I feel that I'm making a real difference in the governing of Singapore.

I hope there's a contest on August 27. We'll know by August 17, Nomination Day. And if there's a contest, then August 27 will be a public holiday too! Whee!


Oh, wait a minute, August 27 is a Saturday. I and about half of the country already work five-day weeks! So a public holiday on Saturday means nothing to us.

Broody herr...


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Beng said...

I've never voted in my life before. And I've got a bad feeling that we won't get to vote after all...

Packrat said...

I've got bleedin' election duty. It's ridiculous. 6am to 8pm. I believe the term I'm looking for here is ****.

Indi said...

the only real democracy in Singapore = Singapore Idol :)

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