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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dinner with two ladies

I met Angela and Yan Ying for dinner. I had an errand to run beforehand (sold some comics, yaay! stepped into a puddle in a field, boo!), so I met them later at Siam Kitchen at Bugis Junction. I ordered beef fillet in noodle soup. A wee bit too much MSG for my liking. After that, we adjourned to good ol' Starbucks for drinks.

Aside: check out one of Starbucks' purported logos. Ooh, and another Starbucks logo.

Over dinner and drinks, Angela gave us a semi-crash course on biology and genetics. For instance, suntanning causes adjacent thymine molecules to fuse, causing a change in the DNA, which the body recognises and proceeds to "shut down", which ultimately causes the skin to peel. Or that in a not-so-science fiction way, cancer cells, which can reproduce indefinitely even after the host is dead and provided they continue to receive nutrition, could be the key to immortality.

More biology and other stories here.

Erm, not much to talk about, so I'll stop here.


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