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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Corrinne May in Singapore

Safe in a Crazy World (2005)
Corrinne May will be performing at the Esplanade tonight... and I won't be attending!


I only found out about her performance slightly over a week ago, and of course all of the tickets were sold out already. Anyway, if I had managed to snag the tickets, I would have to find a way to magically be seated by 7:30pm (or 15 minutes earlier) while grabbing something to eat. (Hmm, I sound like Aesop's fox that couldn't reach the grapes.)

So, no concert for me. Nuts. Must... keep... lookout... for... future... concerts... please... be... soon...

After I bought both of her albums, I listened to them three times consecutively. Why am I a fan of Corrinne May? Is it because of her Sarah MacLachlan/Dido-like voice? Or because her songs were featured in a local television drama (made in Singapore!)? She doesn't have the same look as other female performers, so I don't think I'm led by the Y in my 23rd chromosome.

No, because she is a star in her own right. She hasn't been trumped up by the media, she hasn't received any endorsements from politicians, she hasn't endorsed any third-party products (to the best of my knowledge). She is a good singer through and through. Too bad she had to go to Los Angeles before Singaporeans realised her talent.

Singapore needs less Sylvester Sims and more Corrinne Mays. Then maybe Singaporeans will be more passionate about "made in Singapore" music (and other entertainment products).


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paddychicken said...

I also found out about her concert too late! *wistful*
Strange, because I usually monitor SISTIC quite diligently.

Wynx said...

Boy was really really a good concert, worth every cent I paid...

Anonymous said...

1st heard the song snippets through that chase serial and not that ashamed to say tt i only tune in to the drama only when the opening and closing credits rolling, hehe.. in my mind it was either ms mclachlan or dido but i am pleasantly surprised to find a s'porean girl serenading me in dat husky voice... and yes, we do need less sly & more corrinne may..

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