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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Buying a durian

The other day, I wanted to buy a durian. It was the season for durians and I wanted my own. So I stopped by the usual stall that I patronise every time it's the season for picking durians. I don't know the stall owner very well, but we get along just fine, and I support him with my spending.

I had heard that there would be a lot of durians to choose from, but when I arrived, there were just a handful, and most of them looked bad. I found one that was pretty good. I shook it, smelled it, listened to it, weighed it. It seemed like a decent durian that would have reasonably good fruit inside its thorny shell.

The owner appeared at that moment. When he saw my durian, he took it from me immediately, saying that it was a bad durian. I told him that I thought it was good and I wanted it. But he kept saying no and shaking his hand. From the few durians in his basket, he pulled one out. This is the best durian, he said. It will be most delicious, he said.

He gave that durian to his assistant, who agreed readily that it was the best durian for me. Then the durian that I had picked out was thrown away unceremoniously. I looked at it with sadness, but in the end, I bought the durian that the owner had selected. When I ate its fleshy fruit, it tasted good, as the owner said it would.

But it still left a bittersweet taste in my mouth.


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Lynn said...

I'm sure all durians taste yummy...haven't had one in a year, but will have the chance to savor durians constantly in the years to come! Try the Goodwood Park durian cream puffs when you can...tasty.

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