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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blog Timeline.SG

My little attempt at creating a rudimentary timeline of significant events in the Singaporean blogosphere:

Moved to Blog Timeline.SG.

I don't know if the racist blog and Tristefemme incident are worth mentioning, but I thought I'd include them anyway.

Looks like everything that's anything happened (and is happening) in 2005.

Anyone know of other significant events?


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Sivasothi said...

Hi Yuhui,

It's worth mentioning Flying Chair's Asia Weblogs Award 2003: Best Singapore Blog.

It helped to highlight many local blogs.

paddychicken said...

I really don't think the launch of XX's blog merits mention. Nor Mr Brown. I am of the opinion that such "top blogs" are only transient in their popularity.

I wonder if it might be interesting to note the first ministerial blogs that launched and flopped. Since apparently said minister was only willing to blog about past travels and not current affairs. Still, the fact that the government is jumping on the bandwagon is quite significant.

Yuhui said...

siavsothi: mentioning the Asia Weblogs Award is not enough since it is an annual affair, unless there is a "first time" event or something that is uniquely Singaporean about it.

paddychicken: I included XX and Mr Brown 'cos they command a large a following. You're right, they're transient, but like WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3, I think they can be considred trailblazers.

Which was the ministerial blog? I missed that one.

Yuhui said...

Oops, sivasothi, sorry for spelling your name wrongly, fingers typed faster than the brain was processing...

tinkertailor said...

reli cool stuff. we've tomorrowed it.

tinkertailor said...

i'm now wondering if a wiki would be better? something to think about.

Yuhui said...

tinkertailor: I would've done a wiki (or something similar). But I'm also curious about how I could extend Blogger to other uses besides blogging, e.g. creating a timeline or an episode guide (see my Singapore TV links).

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