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Friday, July 08, 2005

What to do in a "zao geng" situation?

Zao geng (v) -- (Hokkien) to have one's underwear exposed accidentally from beneath one's clothes for anyone to see (if that person is looking in the correct direction). Usually true for women's panties/thongs/G-string/whatever-the-fashion-is. Can also be used as a noun to refer to the exposed underwear.
In America, such exposed underwear may be called "whale tail" because the exposed portion resembles the tail of a whale. Also: "pull me thong", or PMT, even if said underwear is not a thong. I don't think I need to explain the "pull me" part.

No, I'm not the victim of a zao geng. But as female fashion changes, more and more women are wearing low-rise bottoms, especially pants and hipster jeans. And then zao geng-ing will most likely occur, e.g. when she bends or squats or even just sits.

If a man sees a female stranger zao geng, he should politely look away. If he knows the zao geng-ing woman intimately, e.g. she is his wife/girlfriend/lover (female relative?), he should tell her about it so that she can "fix" it.

But if he is in the company of women whom he knows reasonably well, e.g. friends, colleagues, should he tell the zao geng-ing woman? I've only ever done so once to a female friend (you know who you are (unless you've forgotten)!). But now I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do because of the embarrassment caused to her.

What should his politically correct move be?
  1. Look away and pretend that it's not happening.
  2. Tell the woman about it (discreetly, of course).
  3. Tell a female mutual acquaintance to tell her.
  4. Whip out the camera, man!
  5. Something else.
I feel like the answer is (c), but that could cause the mutual acquaintance to wonder why he sees the zao geng and think that he's secretly a pervert who likes to find zao gengs.

And then what happens if there is no mutual acquaintance present during the zao geng? Does he tell and open himself potentially to accusatory questions like "Why are you looking there in the first place?!", or does he keep quiet and let her continue zao geng-ing?

What to do???


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Jaschocolate said...

usually as a female, i will check myself after a while.. u can probably wait and see if she realised herself.. if no, then tell her loh.. should not be a prob..

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