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Monday, July 18, 2005


Who are you, arsena1? And how did you learn about my blog?

No, I'm not asking this in a mean tone. I'm really curious about you since I don't think we've ever met in real life. I think that means I've reached a certain level in blog nirvana, because I'm listed together with famous bloggers like James Seng, Cowboy Caleb, Lancerlord and Xiaxue. Thank you for stroking my ego.

I've seen your blog and it looks neat, though I'm not a football fan myself.

And I nearly choked when I saw what you call me: "singatechie"! I'm flattered that you would make me sound like I'm the go-to guy for techie problems in Singapore. And if that's not your intention, then my ego bubble has just been burst.

Please reply, arsena1. Thanks!


lancerlord said...

I not femmes leh.

Singatechie. I also go rename to this in my blogroll. :)

arsena1 said...


can't remember how I came across it.
I came across a couple of tech stuff. and you're a singaporean.
so there.

much like singaporean + blogger = singablogger.

other than james and caleb(though his is really a mix), I don't remember any other singatechie.
so there.

you're in my sidebar cos I like a couple of your blog posts and would like to visit again.

Best regards,

ps. more on
"A post on my blog! and my own post about my blog"

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