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Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Fantastic Four"

Fantastic Four
Yes, yet another comic book movie. The only "Fantastic Four" comics I read were the first issue by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and the reboot by Scott Lobdell (I think) and Jim Lee. But I knew enough of the team to appreciate the movie. I must admit, though, that when the cast was first announced, I was unsure if Jessica Alba was the right person to play Susan Storm, who is supposed to be about the same age as Reed Richards, i.e. early-thirties at the youngest. Maybe she's supposed to be a young genius in the movie. If she was, it was never shown.

I'd read review after bad review of the movie, so I didn't have any high expectations aside from seeing comic book pictures come to life with real life actors. Compared to other superhero movies, it paled beside "Spider-Man" but was better than "Hulk" and maybe on par with the first "X-Men" movie.

As expected, the interaction between Ben "The Thing" Grimm and Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm was the highlight of the movie. I laughed out loud with everyone in the hall when Johnny tricked Ben into slapping himself with a whipped cream-covered hand. Hahaha! But for every good part, there's a bad part, like when they fought after his daredevil stunt. That part seemed too forced, as if the writer just needed to make the team members start to come to blows with one another.

Another part that I didn't enjoy was the final fight between the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. Why? Because it was too darn short! As soon as I had got into the heat of things, Mr Fantastic was instructing the team about what to do, and then it was over. After Doctor Doom had been supercooled, I half expected him to unfreeze a la T1000 in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day", but round two never materialised.

For that matter, Doctor Doom's character was never completely fleshed out. He was taking revenge on the team because he had lost everything? Sorry, I don't follow the logic. If this were the comics, he would've come up with a nefarious scheme that would cause the entire team to face a real ordeal, like preventing planet domination.

On the other hand, Julian McMahon plays a pretty good villain: smooth, cool, evil...

One other thing that bugged me: where did Reed Richards get the funds to build his cosmic storm replicator??? The banks had already given him his final notices, his friend Victor von Doom was not only bankrupt but becoming his enemy, he had not cashed in on the team's fame and fortune. That part just seemed too far-fetched.

Mmm, Jessica Alba in lingerie... every fanboy's dream... and actually, that whole sequence was quite silly and unneeded, if you really think about it. If Reed and Johnny could reach Ben so easily on the bridge, did Sue really need to turn invisible and push through the crowd?

And about that bridge scene: haven't the drivers learned how to use their brakes??? Especially the emergency crew??? Even Ben had to tell two (albeit old) lady drivers to step on their brakes. Well, duh!

So I would say that "Fantastic Four" is a good movie to just kick back and enjoy, but not something that you would keep as part of your DVD collection.

One thing I should thank my lucky stars: about half of the hall was occupied by preteen children, yet I hardly heard an unexpected squeak from any of them. They all knew when to be quiet and when to laugh out loud. Whew!

Next up: "Sin City". Just need to find the right alley to turn into...


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