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Friday, July 22, 2005

Bloggers gathering

Last night, I joined a few bloggers for drinks. Actually, most of us were the volunteers from Bloggers.SG and we had organised a get-together between ourselves. Then it became a whole Bloggers.SG organisers-and-volunteers reunion, and all the free drinks that go with that.

Okay, a bit of background. As I mentioned, a few of us had talked about meeting again at Hideout, that watering hole in town that is frequented by local blogebrities. I think the first person who mentioned this was Angela just before the doors to Bloggers.SG were opened. Then I mentioned it in my shout-out post-conference entry, though I don't know how much of that played a part in this gathering. Then Angela mentioned it again, together with Stephanie.

Around this time, the organiser-in-charge-of-volunteers, Sondra, had emailed us that the organisers wanted to organise a thank-you get-together for the volunteers. Someone mentioned to her that we were already organising our own get-together. Then one way or another, our gathering became the thank-you gathering.

Yes, you Bloggers.SG organisers, you piggy-backed on our plans! *grr* *gnash* haha

Hideout is located at Circular Road, and that road was in the press about a month ago because of the number of "health centres" that had sprouted up there. Now, by health centre, I mean "massage parlour", and by massage parlour, I mean "brothel". Yes, you can get a decent massage, but the objective is to get laid... according to what the papers report.

So while walking to the pub, which is about in the middle of the road, I decided to count the number of health centres. I could only spot two or three. There was another health centre/massage parlour, but it looked legit from its glass walls and rather open concept layout. No, I didn't go in.

However, there are a lot of watering holes at Circular Road, and these don't seem sleazy. I did notice an exclusive Gentleman's Club. The last time I saw one was in New Orleans. I couldn't tell what went on in the club, because it was on the second-storey of the shophouse. But there was a middle-aged decent-looking female bouncer sitting at the foot of the stairs, and I think by the word "exclusive", you need some kind of membership to get in. Maybe I shall explore it another time, when I'm feeling gutsier.

But yes, the pubs there seemed above the board. Maybe the papers were making a hoo-ha about the sex thing.

I arrived at Hideout at 9:30pm, thinking that there would only be a handful of people since the supposed meeting time was 9pm and this is Singapore-time. Turns out that bloggers are a different breed. There were already about 10 people there: Sondra, Angela, Stephanie, Yanying, Jeff, Yew Jin and his female friend, and Brendan (I think that's who it is, didn't really talk to him), and my sister and brother-in-law had just arrived. Most of them had arrived promptly at 9pm! I ordered the Miyagi Special, named after the local blogebrity. It's a sweet drink made of cranberry and blackcurrant and vodka. Nice and sweet!

Angela, Stephanie and Yanying kept asking when mr brown and Mr Miyagi would show up, especially the latter. Poor Sondra didn't have a ready answer. The three girls were like schoolgirls who were waiting to meet their newest pop idols, with eyes all a-flutter.

I didn't do much talking, just listened to the others. But then, I didn't think the place (or any pub, for that matter) is conducive for talking due to the relatively loud background music. And I have a soft voice. Sometimes I think I should smoke just to make my voice deeper. But I shouldn't smoke, so I won't.

The only person i talked to was Yanying. I had noticed a book sticking out of her bag: "History of Languages". I resisted from saying anything like "Wah, so cheem!" because I feel that such statements make the other person think that they may be typecast or treated as outcasts. Does that make sense? Anyway, I asked her about it and she said she was interested in languages, but the book wasn't really what she was looking for.

Angela and Stephanie whipped out their cameras and started blinding us with flashes, though they didn't allow their own faces to be taken. However, Angela, Yanying and I did an impersonation of the three monkeys "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" for a photo. I'll have to get that photo. I wanted to bring my camera too, but only remembered about it while at work.

The barflies showed up later and then it got really noisier. And then this photographer guy with a huge professional camera (who may have been a barfly) started taking pictures of us. Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind letting my picture be taken, but in this case, I felt revulsed by this invasion of privacy, so I hid my face where possible.

mr brown showed up around 11pm. We teased him because he went around to meet other people who were at the bar before coming to us finally, even though he was a conference organiser and we were the volunteers. He bought us a round of drinks (I had plain ol' Coca Cola), then chatted with us. He also told us about his job: he comes up with the sitemap for his clients' websites, then pushes the job to his employees. It's that easy??? Mr Miyagi showed up later and we sang him a birthday song. He joined us and chatted for a while.

I finally left at about 11:30pm and decided to explore the other half of Circular Road. Of note, I found another health centre and one interesting pub. This pub had glass walls, but the women standing outside were in these short tight tops and super-short denim shorts. I happened to look at one of them and she asked if I wanted to go in. I shook my hand and walked on. From what I could glimpse inside that pub, it was like any other pub, i.e. people sitting around and drinking. So I don't know what role these woman play, besides attracting male clientele.

Having recced the area to my heart's content, I jumped in a cab and returned home.


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Cookie said...

Wah.. I got such a long description.. Maybe next time i shudn't talk so much.. hahaha..

Sorry if i scared you! =p by then i was already quite intoxicated... and no lahz.. im not the life of the party... brown n miyagi were..

I had alot of fun! See ya guys soon.. =)

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