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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Say hello to Onomatopoeia

Wow, the company got a brand spankin' new PowerMac G5!

Not that I should be envious. I've had my brand spankin' new iMac G5 for about a month already. Sure, the processor is slower, the internals are not top-notch, but it does what it does, and my recent use has shown it to be a suitable workhorse.

iMac G5, Onomatopoeia
After unpacking it, the first thing I did was transfer all of my documents from the good ol' PowerBook G4 (which is still in good working condition) to my new Mac. Then I did some simple stuff, like connecting to the Internet, loading websites, downloading stuff, things like that. Everything was more or less smooth sailing.

There were some things that bugged me. The keyboard and mouse, for one. I'm too used to my PowerBook's trackpad and missed the wrist rest that the laptop offers. As a result, my wrists were strained after the first few days of use with the iMac. Consciously changing my hands' positions helped to relieve the pain, but I think I should consider investing in a good wrist support.

And maybe more "real estate" (table space) for the mouse (see picture).

Another thing that bugged me -- and this was huge -- was that the performance just didn't seem to be there. Yes, things happened faster compared to the PowerBook, but not as fast as I thought it would be, considering that the iMac uses a more powerful processor.

First thing to understand is that the iMac's fan doesn't spin up unless the CPU is used intensively. And when it does spin, it sounds like a softer version of a jet engine.

So things like running Limewire (a Java program) would cause the fan to spin. So would Dreamweaver (I knew it used a lot of processing power (for what seems like a low-requirement program), but this was crazy!). That meant the computer would gradually become more and more deafening, while performance seemed to be just better than on the PowerBook.

Thus, I felt let-down. I paid good money for this crap??? But then, things turned around when I did some video editing over the last couple of days. Whoa, things were flying now, like rendering, exporting, etc. These processes which used to take hours on the PowerBook took minutes on the iMac. Whee! Yes, the fan spun up, but now I knew that the CPU was really being used for something more worthwhile and where I could appreciate a noticeable difference.

In short, the iMac seems to be a mixed bag of goodies and disappointments. But overall, it's been a positive experience, if I don't use some programs as much. I'm currently looking for a more efficient web-editing program. Maybe I should look at Adobe's offerings, or something free and new, like Nvu.

Oh, and I named it "Onomatopoeia". Why? After all, according to, it means:
The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.
Nothing really related to a computer. But I first saw the word used as the name of a comic book villain and thought that it sounded cool. So that's what I've called it.

Recap of my devices' names:
  • iMac G5 -- Onomatopoeia
  • PowerBook G4 -- Tiraneus
  • iPod -- Pod!
  • palmOne Tungsten|T -- Elysian Fields
  • Sony Ericsson Z600 -- SEZ

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