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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Miss Universe 2005

Yeah, I totally predicted the winner would be Miss Canada, Natalie Glebova, after seeing the 10 finalists. I mean, she looks just like Lynda Carter, a.k.a. TV's "Wonder Woman".
Natalie Glebova - Miss Universe 2005
Miss Canada, Natalie Glebova
Lynda Carter Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter, a.k.a.Wonder Woman

You just can't go wrong by picking Wonder Woman as Miss Universe.

Incidentally, did anyone notice that none of the finalists came from Asia (unless you consider Israel to be part of Asia), Africa or Oceania? Conspiracy! The finalists hailed from Canada, USA (duh), Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Venezuela, Switzerland, Latvia, and Israel (for political reasons, I think). The five who made it through were Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela.

And I am such a nerd for knowing the finalists by heart.


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Rahul Sinha said...

Israel is included for political reasons in a beauty pageant in Thailand? You really are reaching for a conspiracy theory aren't you!

This pageant is beneath politics. It is too irrelevant; it is a for-profit enterprise of a random company with fair media connections. (Which is why the "Miss America" doesn't get to compete; they don't own that contest and so they sponsor a "Miss USA" pageant. Vertical Integration is seldom so sordid.)

One hesitates to raise the anti-semitism charge, but isn't it possible Miss Israel was just that attractive?

I wouldn't know; watching the contest is beneath me as well.


Rahul Sinha said...


Now I understand; you are from Singapore.

You are probably Muslim.

Of course Miss Israel was included for political reasons. After all, if Jews eat Muslim babies for fun, cause 9/11 on purpose etc. etc. they must also spend their time corrupting irrelevant beauty pageants on the side.


Yuhui said...

Ok, actually I was saying it could be political because Israel is a close ally of the USA, and the Miss Universe organisation is part of the Trump family of companies, and Mr Trump is an important businessman with powerful American political allies, which is how I came up with that political angle.

But yes, Miss Israel was beautiful. And Miss Canada was even more so. Ah, those blue eyes...

And no, I am NOT a Muslim. If you've read my previous entries, you'll know that I am a Christian.

Yuhui said...

Oh, and by the way, Godwin's law, though it's Muslims in this case, not the Nazis.

I win.

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