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Thursday, June 16, 2005

"First Take" - my first music recording

"First Take" (1.95MB, 192kbps, MP3) (mirror).
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Holy cow, Apple's GarageBand is AWESOME!

So there I was, sitting in front of my month-old iMac G5 (I should blog about my experience with it someday), wanting to do some writing but unable to conjure up the inspiration. I dug around in the various programs that came with the computer, and found GarageBand.

All I had known about GarageBand up to that point had been head-knowledge. I knew that it was an easy-to-use program to create music using loops. Loops are short music samples from various instruments. As the name implies, if you extend a loop through the timeline, it just repeats itself.

It is because of this repetition that I thought loops were silly. Then I saw StarHub's latest branding TV commercial and realised that it used loops in the background music! The music was just small music samples that came on at different times and played over and over again. Loops in action!

I had an epiphany!

Now I had the chance to create my own music. I fired up GarageBand enthusiastically, then stared at the window. A timeline, play/pause/rewind/forward buttongs, etc. But the most daunting part was the hundreds of loops! How would I know which ones to use?

Fortunately, Apple had classified its loops into genres, so selecting a particular genre, like "Rock", would only show those loops that are relevant for rock music. Whew!

For my first piece of music, I decided to do something lively and jumpy, so I selected the "Rock" genre. From then, it was a matter of:
  1. previewing a loop
  2. dragging it to the timeline
  3. extending it to how often I want it to repeat
  4. going back to step 1 for other loops
And in about half an hour, I had "composed" my first piece of music, "First Take". And after I heard it in its completion, I was laughing over it because it sounded professional yet was so FREAKIN' EASY TO DO!

Check it out! (Also available at SoundClick.)


Update: Changed link to Internet Archive page.


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