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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Father's Day dinner

This evening, my dad and I joined my sis and bro-in-law, cousin and cousin-in-law, another cousin and his wife, and my grandfather for a Father's Day dinner at Bumbu Restaurant, a place that serves Peranakan food. (Note to self: located at 44 Kandahar Road.) We had:
  • century egg salad
  • another salad
  • beef rendang
  • orange-flavoured fried chicken
  • two rice dishes
  • fried squid
  • a vegetable dish
  • chicken curry
  • and some other dishes that I don't recall
Over the meal, we caught up with one another's lives, though we (the bloggers) sort of already know what's happening, like my cousin and cousin-in-law's fishing expedition in Bintan. Such is the situation that happens when bloggers talk about their lives. Someone mentions something, and in another's mind, it clicks with what he had read on the former's blog, and there is an instant recognition to the topic at hand.

It's almost like telepathy, haha.


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