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Saturday, June 11, 2005

"Batman Begins" tickets!

Woo-hoo! I'm really excited! I've collected my pair of free tickets to a preview of "Batman Begins"! The movie actually opens this Thursday, but I and 99 other winners (and probably a couple of other people) will get to watch it two days beforehand.

And to think that I nearly missed out on this.

The saga began when, while shopping for groceries one day, I saw a "Batman Begins" promotion by Gillette (which bought battery company Duracell). There were two drawings for every entry: the first was for 50 pairs of tickets, and if you didn't win in the first drawing, then you'd be entered into the second for some movie-related merchandise. Needless to say, I wanted the tickets. And the deadline for the draw was a week after I found out about the promotion.

So I snapped a pack of batteries, mailed the promotional flyer with the cardboard from the battery pack, and waited eagerly for the reply.

Then I forgot to collect the mail the whole of last week. Usually my mum does it, but she's away on a holiday. I finally checked the nearly overflowing mailbox on Thursday and found a letter from Gillette. I quickly tore it open and -- yes! -- discovered that I had won the pair of tickets!

And I had to collect them by today!

I couldn't collect yesterday because their office closes before I knock off from work. That left today, and I went down as soon as I could. So now I have a pair of specially marked tickets to watch "Batman Begins" at Golden Village Marina this Tuesday, 14 June, at 7:30pm.



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