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Friday, May 27, 2005

Yahoo! PhotoMail -- don't rush to it

Yahoo! launched its new PhotoMail service today (or yesterday or sometime earlier, I'm not sure of the exact date). This comes a few weeks after Yahoo! acquired Flickr, and a few days after Flickr was down for "maintenance".

But in my opinion, PhotoMail is not worth its bandwidth right now. Take a look at this:
We're sorry. The Quick Select Tool could not be installed.
Quick Select is the browser software that enables PhotoMail. Quick Select is only available for PC users running Windows 2000 or XP with the Internet Explorer browser [version 5.5 and higher]. Quick Select Tool and PhotoMail are not available for Firefox, Netscape, and Macintosh users. If you do meet the requirements outlined above, please try closing all open browser windows and restarting Internet Explorer. Then visit Yahoo! Mail and try installing the Quick Select Tool again.
Err, I don't think so! Yahoo! wants me to download an Internet Explorer-only plugin to work with its new service? That just reeks of trouble. Internet Explorer has been in the news for its security holes, almost all of which are due to (ActiveX) plugins. There is no way I am going to allow my computer, home or otherwise, to be compromised.

That's why I switched to Firefox at work and use a Macintosh at home. No ActiveX problems for me, thank you very much.

You know, I really wanted to sign up for Yahoo! PhotoMail. I appreciate Yahoo!'s many services and I enjoy using Flickr to manage photos. But it looks like I'll have to wait until the folks there come up with a more useful program before I start emailing pictures to my friends... not that I do, anyway.


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eLiSe said...

Hi Yuhui,

I enjoyed reading your blog entries quite a bit though it's my virgin visit here.

I was visiting Xiaxue's blog for my daily dose of boredom-relieving time, and there was a blog site [which you are the author for] done for the union of Xiaxue and the guy she was proposing to.

It is indeed refreshing to read blogs like yours without an inclination towards preaching. I appreciate that a lot.. =) Sure, people have their faith and all, but most would be perturbed by the preaching [of anything, as a matter of fact].

I have a friend, with the same name, Yuhui, but she's not very technologically savvy. Not trying to put her down, but the last I read, there were very few girls who are very into techy stuffs. I'm somewhat an in-between, not too good at it, but I'm more inclined towards technology than my peers.

Keep up the good blogging! =D

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