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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is tomorrow, but my family celebrated it this evening. My sis and I had planned to eat seafood, but because of the cholestrol issue, we went to a Japanese restaurant at Siglap, Igen. It seems new and trendy (the prices look trendy too, but then, this is Japanese food) and popular. However, there were only three or four waitstaff, and only two of them really knew how to take orders, and they had to look out for slightly less than 100 hungry customers, so it was quite difficult to get decent service once the restaurant was packed.

I had a grilled salmon set. We also shared some sushi and maki.

After dinner, we went to Hong Kong Cafe for dessert. I had a mango pudding and we shared a french toast with peanut butter. That last one is positively sinful. It is almost entirely made out of grease. And my body's reaction to excessive grease is to unload it all over my face. Yuck.

Hmm, my writing is very... snappish. Ah, don't feel like writing.


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