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Friday, May 13, 2005

M1 and StarHub

There are two things in my life (so far) that I've regretted not buying: shares of local telcos M1 and StarHub. I think it was four months ago when both shares were low enough for me to consider buying with what savings I had (mentally) set aside for future investments. M1 was trading at around $1.80 and StarHub at $1.20.

But in the local telco market, there is the 100-pound gorilla that is SingTel to consider. And based on advice that I received, both M1 and StarHub would not be worthwhile investments, even though M1 has been profitable for a long time.

Today, M1 shares cost more than $2 each and StarHub jumped to $1.55 after it reported its first-ever profit. Based on my amateur forecasting, I think StarHub will continue to churn out profits (though they may be small) because of its cable TV and broadband offerings, while M1 will either level off or start going down because the local mobile phone market is saturated and M1 doesn't seem to be expanding regionally.

I still hope and pray that they will either fall or level out, so that I can finally get in on the action. Sometimes, you have to believe in the little guys.


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Hermit said...

m1 going into broadband service :)

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