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Saturday, May 07, 2005

In need of a makeover

I met Inex at HarbourFront in the afternoon. The reason for our meeting falls under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but for all you cheeky folks, the meeting was not of a romantic nature at all!

So after we had talked shop, we drifted on to more social talk, and that led to my inability to find a girlfriend, which may seem a strange topic for two persons who met for the first time just an hour ago. And she reiterated what others have told me and what I know myself:
  • I need to put on some bulk, probably through exercise
  • I need a new wardrobe with classy brands (and classy pricetags)
  • I need a new hairstyle -- though this may be a moot point in coming years
She also suggested that I wear contact lenses because I have nice eyes. Others have told me that before, but I steadfastly refuse to do so, because it's just weird (to me) to put a foreign object onto such a delicate human organ.

We had drinks, shared a calamari appetizer, then went out seperate ways.


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