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Friday, May 20, 2005

Got my Corrinne May CDs!

Fly Away (2002)
Safe in a Crazy World (2005)
I bought two of Corrinne May's CDs: "Fly Away" (2002) (it has a different U.S. name) and "Safe in a Crazy World" (2005). I think these are the only two CDs by her (so far).

Corrinne May has a voice like Sarah MacLachlan or Dido, and her songs are sweet and enchanting. I was first introduced to her in the U.S. when a fellow Singaporean shared her song, "Same Side of the Moon". Since then, she became one of my favourite -- if not the favourite -- Singaporean singer. I rarely listen to Chinese songs and only heard one Stephanie Sun song, which was nice, but isn't enough for me to comment on her singing prowess.

Then, local TV drama "Chase" started using Corrinne May's new song, "Save Me", in the closing credits and I was hooked. And then I found her CDs at Gramaphone! I swooped on them instantly and haven't regretted that decision.

Corrinne May -- Singaporean, singer, female (ha), talented. Recommended *star* *star* *star* *star*. None of that Singapore Idol wannabe for me... except maybe for Jeassea Thyidor, who is currently hamming it up on TV as a host for an information/entertainment show, "Urban Escape", about little known places in Singapore.

Now I want to listen to local band The Lizard's Convention, but there hasn't been any news about them. I think I'm late to their party.

UPDATE: Changed links to iTunes Music Store.


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Rev said...

Where is the gramaphone store located? I'm really interested in corrine may's cds as well and i wanna take a look.. if u can drop me an email at thanks v much =)

Yuhui said...

It's the one opposite City Hall MRT (TMC building?).

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