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Saturday, April 02, 2005

"The Woodsman"

The Woodsman
This is going to be a short review of "The Woodsman", mostly because it's a short (about 80 minutes) and simple story. For those who don't know, which seems to be quite a majority of people based on those I've talked to about it, the show is about an ex-pedophile who's turned over a new leaf, but finds acceptance difficult. He nearly goes back to his old way, but doesn't fortunately.

Kevin Bacon turns in a fine performance as the ex-con who just wants to get on with his life. He's tortured by his inner demons, colleagues and a policeman, and his attitude seems to be "To hell with it all". Benjamin Bratt also acts well as his supportive brother-in-law, the only family member who has any contact with him.

Since this is an independent movie, there are no fanciful special effects, no unexpected plot twists and turns, and hardly any secondary plots. It's all about Kevin Bacon's character's search for redemption and acceptance, and little else.

But the middle was quite slow and I nearly fell asleep, partly because I had drunk a glass of gin tonic just before the show. I had accompanied a colleague to Ice Cold Beer at Emerald Hill and had the drink a half hour before the show. The full effect of the alcohol kicked in at the start of the movie. In the dark and stillness of the cinema hall, I could feel my heart pumping furiously.

Watch it if you want a change from the usual Hollywood fare. Avoid it if you don't like "dark" movies.


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