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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Steamboat dinner and dessert

My family went to this famous steamboat and chicken rice at Purvis Street. Apparently, I had been there before as a small boy, but I honestly don't remember ever setting foot in it. The food was usual steamboat fare: pork, beef, prawns, fish, squid, liver, cockles (we didn't eat that), egg (which we packed home).

After dinner, we walked to Liang Seah Street and had dessert at Ah Chew's Desserts, supposedly famous for its Chinese desserts. I stuck to the "safe" honeydew with sago, since the others looked like they wouldn't suit my taste. We wanted to try the new dessert, mango with sago, but it was sold out.

Dunno what else to say about it. Not very creative tonight.


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