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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shoe shopping hell

I can't believe it, but I spent almost an hour and a half shopping for shoes... and left empty-handed. I went to Queensway Shopping Centre, which is well known for its range of sports stores. As expected for the weekend, all of the stores were crowded, which was quite a turn-off. But I stuck on anyway since I had planned to buy a pair of sports shoes for the Timor-Leste trip.

I went to a few stores to check out the prices. It's amazing, but almost all of the sports shoes start at $120. Some even cost a whopping $250! I decided that I would budget myself at under $100, which meant that I would buy shoes that were on sale.

Alas, my feet have grown to a size where shoes for them are hard to come by at sale prices. I saw a few shoes that I liked that were under $100, but none of them were available for US size 11. Actually, I did find a pair of running shoes in that size, but they seemed tight, even though I wasn't wearing socks. I may have to go for size 12 instead.

So I wandered from store, picking a shoe I liked, asking for the size, and getting rejected. I finally gave up and left. I'll just have to look elsewhere. Actually, I don't care what brand of shoes I get, since once they're on the feet and in close contact with the ground and are used for their function, good shoes will become worn and dirty shoes, so why care so much about the brand? Nike, Adidas, Reebok, they're all the same. What matters, I think, is that they fit and serve their purpose for an acceptable period of time before they break down.

I need to search at budget or warehouse shops.


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