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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Presenting Cheryl Tay, Miss Singapore Universe 2005

Cheryl Tay - the winner
Here's the picture of Cheryl Tay after winning her Miss Singapore Universe 2005 crown (picture from the good folks at Channel NewsAsia). As I said, she looks "safe", i.e. not too pretty, not too sexy, not too... anything. You know, "just right".

And she'll have to contend with the amazons from India and South America and Italy...

What I like about her comments after winning the crown was that she hopes to put her fame to good use in animal welfare. I hope she lives up to that. It's about time a pageant winner had a mission other than "world peace".

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm going ga-ga over Miss Singapore Universe (in general) and Cheryl Tay (in particular), it's all about taking advantage of the traffic that I've been getting. The hits are already starting to dip.

Maybe I should blog about taxes, since this is the season when IRAS (the local income tax authority) comes calling for money. Or the earthquake in Sumatra. Or the death of Pope John Paul II.


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