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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Miss Singapore Universe 2005 winner

Cheryl Tay
So Cheryl Tay won. She looks, I don't know, safe. Will safe cut it at the international level?

I watched the question-and-answer session for the five finalists finalists (that's two finalists, because the show was the finals of the pageant, which comprised of 18 contestants, and that number was whittled down to five). The question was: "What do you think is the greatest strength and greatest weakness of a woman?" I missed the first contestant, who was Yvonne Lim, so I don't know how she answered. And I caught the tail end of Natasha Riard's answer, so I don't know how she fared either.

Rebecca Lim crashed and burned, with lots of "ums" and "ahs" with no coherent answer. May Ng answered rather intelligently while looking beautiful. And Cheryl Tay thought that the greatest strength and greatest weakness are the one and same thing, when the other contestants gave two answers. Admittedly, the question wording was vague. Unfortunately, she didn't make her answer sound convincing.

Okay, so I'm no prophet. Besides, I based my ratings on the glamour photos released by MediaCorp. The contestants most likely appeared much differently on television.


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Anonymous said...

erm...didnt Cheryl Tay win?

Angelia said...

yeah..u got it wrong. Cheryl Tay won..thought her answer together with May Ng's were the best. Quite deserving (though she looked like a prettier version of last year's winner)

Anonymous said...

last year's winner - Sandy Chua looked awful on TV last night. She looked like some auntie walking into the wrong event as she swayed her arms abit too much. No poise! No elegance! No wonder she didn't get any Mediacorp assignments, unlike previous beauty queens. As for Cheryl Tay, she is definitely MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Quite like her witty responses.

Yuhui said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I've corrected it.

Anonymous said...

hi i know this is really late (2 years late) but um could you tell me what may ng's and cheryl tay's answers were? im really curious, thanks :)

Yuhui said...

This may come as a surprise, but I've never watched the finals!

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