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Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm on my way!

As usual, before 9am, I will usually check my personal email. And out of the blue, there was this one email that mentioned something about a business opportunity. I was about to mark it as spam, but noticed that the subject also mentioned my blog, i.e. "Yuhui's World of Wonder". I don't know of any spam email that would specifically state the name of my blog.

Intrigued, I read it. It was from a prominent local investment company and the person had seen my entry about my idea for a search engine. Apparently, they were interested in investing in a such a company in Singapore. A phone number was included in the email, and if I wanted more information, I should call them soon. So I did.

The man at the other end confirmed the email when he heard my request. Apparently, they have been looking for a local search engine that would be able to compete with the likes of Google, Yahoo, A9, etc. on a global scale. And they liked my idea about saving search phrases and linking to other search engines to expand the search. They also had a few ideas of my own, but they wanted my commitment first.

When I asked why he was interested in me and not some other person who may be more qualified, he said that they not only liked my idea but also how and what I wrote in my blog. That triggered alarm bells in my head: these guys might be out to take advantage of me! They knew a fair amount of my personal life, would they use it against me in future? But I was still sufficiently intrigued to listen on to his marketing spiel and slowly got the impression that these guys were top-notch honest folks.

Finally, it came to the moment of truth: the investment amount. I had the impression throughout the conversation that he wanted me to make that first move. When he asked me if I had any questions, the first thing I asked was, "So how much are you thinking of investing in me?"

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