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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Getting to the airport

How do I get to the airport? Let me count the ways.

What I'm bringing (estimated):
  • cabin bag
  • camera bag
  • myself
My options:

1. Bus-Train-Train
Since the MRT station just outside my house won't be ready for another five years (barring unforeseen tunnel collapses or other disasters), I have to take a bus to the train station. I take a bus to Queenstown, then go all the way to Tanah Merah, after which I change to the Changi Airport Line, which takes me to Changi Airport. I haven't travelled to the airport's train station, but I assume that it's located in the airport itself, so there'll be less walking.
Cost: $0.83 (bus) + $1.54 (train total) - $0.25 (rebate) = $2.62
Estimated travel time: 0.5 hours (bus) + 1.25 hours (train) = 1.75 hours
2. Bus-bus
The bus stop at the airport is located directly under the terminal building, so the walk to the check-in counter is as short as the walk from the car park.

I have two options here:

a. Service 51, then 27
With this option, I can sleep on the first bus, because I only have to change buses at Hougang Interchange. After that, I can sleep on the second bus all the way to the airport.
Cost: $1.53 (51) + $1.43 (27) - $0.25 (rebate) = $2.71
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours (51) + 0.5 hours (27, I think) = 2 hours, +/- 0.5 hours
b. Service 143, then 36
This option takes me through town. In the afternoon, I assume that traffic will be light, so the journey should be smooth.

With this option, I also have two choices: walk between bus stops, or almost no walk.
i. Walk
The opportunity cost of saving a few cents on fare and travel time is the five-minute walk between bus stops on opposite sides of Singapore's shopping strip that is Orchard Road.
Cost: $1.13 (143) + $1.53 (36) - $0.25 (rebate) = $2.41
Estimated travel time: 0.75 hours (143) + 0.75 hours (36, I think) = 1.5 hours
ii. No walk
I alight from 143 anywhere along Orchard Boulevard, then take 36, which will go on to The Regent hotel, then loop back the same way it came to the airport.
Cost: $1.13 (143) + $1.53 (36) - $0.25 (rebate) = $2.41
Estimated travel time: 0.75 hours (143) + 1 hour (36, I think) = 1.75 hours
Obviously, my choice for 2(a) is (ii) since the cost is the same and the difference in travel time is marginal. And after evaluating all of my options, the cheapest and least hassling option is 2(a)(ii).

And that settles that... unless I procrastinate, in which case the only available option will be by taxi. *shudder*


Update: It turns out that I missed another possible Bus-Bus option:
2c. Service 30, then 24
This option has the advantage that I'll already be heading eastwards on the first leg, so there's no detour necessary to get to my final destination (the airport, not death). To save about 10 cents, I will need to remember to get off at a particular bus stop.
Cost: $1.33 (30) + $1.13 (24) - $0.25 (rebate) = $2.21
Estimated travel time: 1.5 hours (30) + 0.5 hours (24, I think) = 2 hours
And there you have the cheapest option: 2(c).

I think I'll just see what bus comes first at the bus stop at my home.


Discerning folks who don't know where I live should be able to figure out the locality of my house after reading this entry. This DOES NOT give you a reason nor the right to knock on my door in the middle of the night or perform any similar stalker-type or paparazzi-like activities.


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