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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Controversy and/or beauty = hits!

I decided to take a look at some other statistics that Sitemeter compiles (I usually just look at referrals only) and realised that I should monitor these stats more closely in future. It turns out that within the last month, the number of hits I received spiked on two occasions:
  1. after I posted my thoughts about a Singaporean blog
  2. after I posted my ratings of Miss Singapore Universe 2005
With the first one, the hits jumped almost 400% above normal, while it was about 200% for the second.

Unfortunately, I don't know the referrals for the blog-related jump because I checked too late. It would've been reeeeeally interesting to see how these people found my blog. Luckily, I know where a handful of them came from (Technorati, another blog, Google).

As for the MSU-related spike, it seems that a lot of people came to my blog through a Google search for particular contestants. Among the searches were "linderr jasni", "swyn teo", "bliss chin" (my visitors have good taste!), "natasha riard", etc. And after the results were out, almost all of the searches were for the winner, "cheryl tay".

To which I humbly say: Thanks, ladies. *bows humbly*

Wow, it's really true what they say: if you want readers, write about sex or something controversial. (And write with Blogger too.) nilsinelabore can probably back me up on this.


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