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Saturday, March 26, 2005

TreeTop Walk

Some time back, a treetop walk was erected in MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the second (that I know of) in Singapore (the first is at Kent Ridge Park). My father had been wanting to go for the longest time, but we just couldn't find the time. Finally, today, we did.

After eating roti prata for breakfast, we went to the park... and found ourselves in the midst of a traffic jam because there was a biathlon going on. The car park was packed and vehicles were moving at a snail's pace. But as luck would have it, a van pulled out of a parking lot and I was next in line to snag it. Later, we learned that there was also a dragonboat race between higher education institutions, which added to the packed car park.

The park is laid out such that the car park is at one end of the reservoir and the treetop walk is sort of at the other end. So my parents and I began our 5.5-km walk to our destination at around 9am, at about 16-20 minutes per kilometre (yes, I timed it).

As the name implies, the treetop walk is a walk across a suspension bridge that gives you an aerial view of the tree tops in the park. It takes about five to 10 minutes to cross it, but the view is breathtaking... after you overcome any fear of heights and vertigo. The bridge swayed but of course it was all safe and sound. I looked down a few times, just to appreciate how high we were. And I looked at the view. It was quite beautiful to see all of that untouched (more or less) nature.

On the way back, we climbed up Jelutong Tower, a six-storey structure that gives you an equally impressive view -- coupled with a cool breeze -- of the park. We rested there for a while before resuming our trek back to the car park.

Along the way, we saw a group of monkeys foraging at the footpath. They're quite tame because even though I came close to them to snap a few pictures on my cameraphone, they hardly flinched. At the most, they would turn away (and deny me a facial shot). One monkey even scratched the ankle of another passerby, though it jumped back in fear when he turned to see what had scratched him.
One monkey
Two monkeys
Monkey eat

After washing up, we proceeded for lunch, and just in time too, because it started raining. Talk about good timing.


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