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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Timor-Leste -- update

Today, I spoke to our church's coordinator for the Timor-Leste trip and learned a few things:
  • we'll be going together with two other churches, one of which is Living Sanctuary
  • there'll be a total of about 17 people, five of whom are from my church, one of whom is yours truly
  • we will be focussing on one village
  • that village is about 45 minutes from Dili
  • ...which means we should be able to return to our hotel room every night
  • ...unlike some other church groups whose villages our hours away from Dili
  • there should be a combined training session next week
She also told me about her "adventures" with my mobile phone number. I am one of a growing number of mobile phone subscribers in Singapore whose numbers start with "8", whereas the majority of the numbers start with "9". So initially, she thought of tacking a "9" in front, but that would be one too many digits in the number.

Then she, like many of my friends and colleagues, thought that I had misquoted a "8" for a "9". She doublechecked with another church member, who confirmed that my number does indeed begin with a "8". And all is well.

While at church, I also got pats on the shoulder and "good for you"'s from the pastor and an ex-elder.


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