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Friday, March 11, 2005

(JC) Kids these days

So if this blog, drift'away_, is any indication, Singaporean teenagers not only cannot write properly, but they think small text in small boxes is readable and, especially for those from Innova Junior College, enjoy being truant.

I think I know how my teacher relatives feel... *shakes head in despair*

(I came across this blog after clicking on "Next Blog >>" on Blogger/BlogSpot often enough...)


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kae said...

i suppose it doesn't concern u whether or not ppl blog properly.. plus i feel it's an insult 2 ppl out there.. esp. IJ's students... u mt think it's none of my concern bout wad u wrote, but i seriously feel offended. wad's d meanin of "kids these days"? i mt b childish, but i dun care.

Yuhui said...

Firstly, invest in a dictionary! The rest of the world doesn't speak SMS. And this is Blogger, not a handphone, so you're not limited by the number of characters you can enter.

If I wasn't concerned about how people blogged, would I have dedicated an entire post to it? I think not. In fact, I am concerned about the use of English with regards to spelling and grammar, and designing something that not only looks cute, but is readable clearly.

As for the truancy, hey, I was just taking words from her blog.

And the JC kids are younger than me (fact), so yes, I get to call them kids. You can call me "an old fogey" for all I care (if you're younger than me).

Anonymous said...

"(Immature) Adults from ACJC these days"

Oh fuck your stinking ass you twat. Even your degree or whatever won't get you anywhere in life. I hope you do something about your damn snobbery. It looks like you're hopeless though, putting down Miss Universe contestants like that. If you're goodlooking, I have nothing to say, but sadly, you're 2546531321553 million light years from that. From your blog, everyone can tell your a shit loser, so you don't really need to do much to tarnish ACJC's reputation.

By the fucking way, you really spoil the IMAGE (literally) of ACJC.

And there's no need to mention how cowardly I am for not putting down my name.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Actually, i spotted some grammatical errors in some of your posts as well. Maybe you should invest in one of those grammar books. Like 'grammar for dummies" for instance. In addition to the horrendous grammar, some of your sentence structures are not right either. Oh well, what more do i have to say.

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