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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blogging on Blogger = Entering Google quickly

I knew it!

At most one day after posting my review of this year's batch of Miss Singapore Universe hopefuls, the Blogger entry appeared on Google almost immediately. How do I know? I went through my referrals in Sitemeter and found a search for "destiny ong" on 30 March.

BUT there were no search results for the exact same entry in LiveJournal. Of course, there could be a perfectly valid explanation for this discrepancy, but as Sherlock Holmes (or someone) said, "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one."

Congratulations, IP number 202.56.2.# (Sitemeter won't give me the actual number)! You've proven my theory about Google and Blogger.

Let's see if lightning strikes twice:
Here are the names of the Miss Singapore Universe 2005 contestants: Natasha Riard, Jacqueline Ong, Crystal Kang, Swyn Teo, Yvonne Lim, Arwyn Siah, Linderr Jasni, Jing Mok, Jeannie Fong, Lorraine Lai, May Ng, Ivy Lai Chiew Lian, Rebecca Lim, Blyss Chin (she's a babe, but I suspect that she won't win), Cheryl Tay, Destiny Ong, Ling Lee, Edwina Tan.


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