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Saturday, March 05, 2005

ACJC Class of 1995 10-year reunion

Has it been 10 years since I "graduated" from Anglo-Chinese Junior College?

I went to the 10-year reunion at Raffles Town Club. The organisers had booked the President Suite for the entire night, so all of us were treated to a penthouse-like hotel room. How big? Let's just say that you could fit a single bed in the guest restroom.

Finding the suite, on the other hand, can be difficult in the labyrinthine building, unless you actually read and follow the instructions, and then realise that it's a "suite" and is therefore like a "hotel room", which are tucked away behind an inconspicuous door.

About 100 turned up at varying times. As someone joked, it was "wedding dinner timing", i.e. the average time that people would show up would be around 8 or 9pm. For the record, I arrived at 7:15pm, 15 minutes after the supposed start time. I was the 10th or so to arrive.

I talked with a few old teachers (yup, a handful attended the event as well) and some familiar faces. And it was there that I realised that my new next door neighbour (as in our apartments are literally just seperated by a staircase) was also from my year in ACJC! I was totally floored by the revelation. What a small world! But I didn't interact much with the Arts people back in the day, which is why I wouldn't have known her before.

We had a buffet dinner with Western-style salads and Eastern/local-style entrees, topped off with jelly cocktail dessert and fruits.

There were five people from my ex-class, which was something of a record for a class from the SB (two-science combination) faculty. The biggest group of people came from the Arts, with about equal numbers from the three Science faculties and the now-defunct Commerce faculty.

Which led me to believe that this wasn't much of a reunion as it was a night for old cliques to hang out. The only method of publicity for the event was via email and word-of-mouth, therefore if you weren't in the clique or you didn't happen to receive the email, you wouldn't have known about it. I spoke with an ex-classmate, Adrian, about how some other ex-classmates had not turned up, and he said that they wouldn't fit in anyway. That was so true. There were moments when I too felt like a fish out of water.

So because of the "clique phenomenon", almost everyone knew what everyone had been up to. As for me, this was my first chance to find out who was doing what, who had hooked up with who, who was their own boss, who was rich, etc.

Another general observation about where everyone was 10 years later:
  • the smart ones ended up in engineering, law or the civil service
  • the saavy (smarmy?) ones got into the financial world (banking, investments, etc.)
  • and then there were the rest of us, most of whom seemed to have ended up in something Web design-related.
And that's what happened 10 years after 1995. Nothing quite like the TV show, "High School Reunion", ha. On the other hand, I would have liked having more old boys and girls turn up, even if they wouldn't have fit in. If enough people appeared, I'm sure everyone would fit in.


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Tym said...

You didn't round up some Council friends to go too?

Yuhui said...

The few Councillors I was close to in JC have seem to have gone MIA since.

nsl said...

Have you seen this?

NARDAC said...

so true, high school reunions are about cliques, reawakening from their zombie sleep. sick.

I skipped mine but the only highschool classmate I kept in touch with told me it was exactly the same, all the same old groups gravitating to each other. Maybe you have to wait for the 25 year reunion before things get interesting/surreal.

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