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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Overpaying for phone subscription

It's been nine months since I first subscribed with a mobile phone plan. This evening, I sat down to work out how much I would've paid if I had subscribed to other plans. And the shocking truth is that, if I had followed my gut instinct and signed up for the cheaper plan, I would be saving a whopping 33%, not on average, but each and every month!

So I called SingTel to find out about changing my plan. Firstly, because I'm a two-year contract (snarl), I can upgrade only after my first year of subscription, which is the middle of May, but this will have a fee of $100! And I do not have the option to downgrade. If I terminate my contract, I have to pay $210, or more than what I'd pay for the two-year subscription from start to end.

In other words, I'm stuck. My other option is to let someone take over my plan. Anyone interested in an $18/month phone subscription?

Actually, my first instinct at the time when I was thinking about getting a mobile phone was to use a prepaid card, but my back-of-napkin calculations (which are probably wrong on hindsight anyway) showed that this might get too expensive because I'd have to pay for incoming and outgoing calls. Now that M1 has free incoming calls for its prepaid M Card (for $0.70/day), or , this has given me something else to think about what I'm going to do after 15 May 2006. Of course, by then, some new plans would have cropped up, thus muddling my decision further.

Sigh, the cost of one bad decision.


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Tym said...

Hope you didn't have to wait too long on hold with SingTel to get all that information!

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