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Friday, February 11, 2005

Navy's recruitment campaign's message

For a while now, the Republic of Singapore Navy has been running a recruitment campaign through posters and television ads. The former are found in advertising panels at bus stops, while the latter are screened on the tiny television sets in the North East Line MRT trains.

The television ad shows one of the navy's ships (a battleship?) transforming into a robot, then firing its gun into the camera. I was mildly amused by it. Then I saw the recruitment poster:

Singapore Navy recruitment poster

And a new thought struck me: the navy's idea of effective recruitment is by pointing a gun at you??? So here's the message that I got:
"Don'ch play-play, better join the Singapore Navy! Skali we send our Mighty Morphin' Transformer Battleship and hoot you with its tua liap cannon, then you tzai si!"
Yeah, that makes for an effective recruitment campaign!


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