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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My old UW-Madison Op-Ed newspaper articles

While Googling my surname today (because I have an ego to stroke), I found two articles that I had written for The Badger Herald, one of two daily student newspapers at UW-Madison. Reading those articles brought back memories of a time when I was more idealistic about the world. But I also realised that little has changed since my articles were published.

On the upside, the articles were picked up by campus news agencies and seem to enjoy longevity in their archives. I'm pretty sure I wrote at least one more article, but I guess it's lost in the void. Maybe I have it somewhere in my computer...

To prevent these two articles from suffering a similar fate, I've posted them here, so that there is at least a smaller chance of their disappearing if the news agencies decide to clean their archives of deadweight.

March 5, 2001: "Cultural hindrances on campus"
July 11, 2001: "Microsoft ruling a victory for consumer choice"


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