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Monday, February 07, 2005

My blog

One night, Reginald asked me for advice on what to do on a blind date. Evidently, I have more experience than he in this area, though he has more experience than me in converting first dates into relatively long-term romantic relationships. I leave it to you to decide who's more successful.

Anyway, our conversation drifted to how he's meeting a girl whom he knows from LiveJournal (this would be the first time that they meet face-to-face physically). And then he noted how, in a recent journal entry, I had lamented about the unpopularity of my blog.

Here are his two reasons for the unpopularity:
  1. When I blog, I need to write in a fun and humorous manner that is more acceptable to the general blog-reading public.
  2. I need to write about topics that the blog-reading public likes to read. Like that perennially popular topic: sex.
But I've rationalised somewhat since my lament and decided that this is my blog and the primary audience I should be concerned with is I, me and myself. One day, when I'm old and tired and thinking fondly about the good ol' days, my blog will be my first reference to those days, and if I don't understand what I'm reading, then my blog will have failed its purpose.

If I want to write for a target audience, I'll write on The Savage Doctor or Second Hand Tales. But this blog remains my blog. If anybody else reads it, then that's a bonus. I shall not be overly worried about my blog's ranking in the blogosphere...

... aside from getting some exposure boost by mirroring on Blogger too, heh.


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