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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Kids these days

So there we were, having dinner at a country club with my aunt and her family, and midway through, the conversation turned to children, not because anyone is expecting a child soon, but because (a) there were noisy kids in the next table, and (2) my sister and a cousin are teachers, while my brother-in-law is an ex-teacher.

And because of those two reasons, the topic was really about disciplining children. Like the all-powerful cane that my generation (I sound old!) grew up in fear of. Today, parents would rather reason with their preteen kids than hurt them. Or they just leave the disciplining to the maids.

Now you see the problem.

Anyway, things came to a point when the kids at the next table must've been on a sugar-high after dinner and were making a lot of noise while playing with their Nintendo Gameboys. So much so that my dad and aunt yelled at their parents to keep the kids quiet. And then an unearthly silence fell upon the place. It was spooky.

But knowing today's parents, they had probably secretly planted hexes on each one of us. Their kids are angels, after all.


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