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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Firstly, the correct method to say the name is the way it's done in the trailer. You don't use your vocal cords/voice box at all. Rather, you exhale the word and use your teeth and tongue to say it correctly. Go ahead, try it, I'll wait.

And if you really believed that, you're one-month-and-a-week early for April Fool's Day.

I watched the movie with my sis, bro-in-law and cousin at GV Grand. This is my first time to that cinema because it is out-of-the-way, and by that, I mean that it is not near a convenient bus route (for me) and there is no MRT station in its immediate vicinity. But apparently, its out-of-the-wayness is what my sis, bro-in-law and cousin find appealing about it because there are less kids.

If you're devoutly religious, particularly in Catholicism, then "Constantine" is not for you. It uses a mix of Catholic doctrine, magic, horror and action to drive a rehashed story:
  • there is a war between heaven and hell
  • God and the devil made a bargain over the souls of mankind
  • demons are bug-riddled and bad-ass, and angels are turning away from the light
  • the fate of the world rests in the hands of one (Caucasian) man
What differentiates "Constantine" is that the hero does what he does for the selfish reason of entering heaven. Take away this selfishness and he becomes a supernatural Superman who does good because it's the right thing to do. Even Batman, a dark hero in his own right, fights crime to restore justice.

And it's probably because of his indifference that Constantine doesn't care for anything else, not even that he's chain smoking himself to death. That, I think, makes him an intriguing anti-hero.

While Keanu Reeves played him well as the can't-be-bothered stony faced type, I thought that he could have had better lines to better portray his world weariness. And he needs a speech coach so that he doesn't mumble. I had to read the Chinese subtitles many times to catch the dialogue. Rachel Weisz was beautiful and performed well as the cop desperately seeking justice for her dead sister, but at times, she too suffered from the mumbles.

Overall, a sufficiently entertaining film with about the right amount of action and philosophy.

After the movie, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, where we were entertained by 80's rock music videos. Over dinner, most of our conversation revolved around TV shows and movies, including the upcoming flicks like "Batman Begins" and "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith".


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