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Friday, February 25, 2005


I was supposed to go out with a few colleagues for dinner and drinks tonight because it's a colleague's last day, but the plans were scuttled due to last minute unforeseen circumstances. Since I had already planned to be out, I decided to watch the movie, "Closer".

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a ticket, because the quota for online bookings had been used up. Fortunately, there were about four empty seats when I arrived at the cinema, though they were in the corners. No matter, as long as I didn't waste my trip.

I knew the story was about love and betrayal, i.e. guy falls for girl but betrays her by falling for another girl. This is true in general for all of the characters, but it was more complicated than that. There are four people, two men, Dan (Jude Law) and Larry (Clive Owen) and two women, Alice (Natalie Portman) and Anna (Julia Roberts), and the whole movie is about the love square (yes, the men have relations with the women) and complications that develop between them.

I can see why Natalie Portman got her Oscar nomination. She plays very well a stripper who is emotionally detached from her job (no nudity, though) and a free-spirited determined woman even better. And Clive Owen plays the jealous boyfriend/husband so realistically that we feel for his misery and understand why he says and does the things he says and does.

Two things I realised only when I watched the movie:
  1. It's based on a play.
  2. There are credits only for six actors (the four mentioned and two extras). Which is true, because we only see the faces of these six people. Most of the scenes had just two of the main characters, so there was little use for background extras. Wow, you really can produce a good movie without a large cast ensemble!
Good story, good acting, good movie. It really wasn't a wasted trip after all.


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